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Each Pack contains 8 vials, 4 red and 4 blue, delivering a 4-month course.

Chaperonze® is a World First! The first and only commercially available product to contain Chaperonze® Proteins. Chaperonze® is a revolutionary, naturally organic product from New Zealand sheep placenta that combats aging at a cellular level.

Easy to use. Simply apply it to your wrists and the Chaperonze® Proteins find their way to damaged and injured cells that are in need of repair. No injections, no scalpels, your own little secret. Very exclusive.

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Chaperonze® is a revolutionary, naturally organic product containing Chaperonze® Proteins extracted from New Zealand sheep placenta.  Chaperonze® combats aging at a cellular level by flowing through your body, looking for damaged cells to enter and stabilize. Chaperonze® Proteins allow your body’s cells to repair and regenerate, rejuvenating your cells. They identify ‘junk’ and free radicals and either help repair or eliminate them one cell at a time. Turn back time. It works from the inside out.

The science behind Chaperonze® , “Proteomic therapy utilizes the chaperone protein for therapeutic cellular stabilization” was first presented to the International Conference on Cell and Stem Cell Research held in Singapore in 2018, (see Research section of website) .

This research and the commercialization of Chaperonze® was conducted by Dr Padraig (Paddy) O’Casaigh BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, University of Auckland & University of Kentucky; Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, MD, PhD, Institute of Asean Integrative Medicine, Thailand, International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT); Dr Zahra Champion, MSc, MMgt, PhD, University of Auckland & University of Kentucky.

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things and the human body is composed of trillions of cells.

Proteins are the workhorses of the cells and each expertly performs a specific task. The collection of proteins within a particular cell determines its function and its health.

A chain of amino acids forms the primary structure for every protein, but proteins are only useful to cells when their chain of amino acids folds into a particular shape. Misfolded proteins cannot perform their specific function and also stick together, forming clumps, overcrowding the cell.

Also, many proteins cannot fold themselves without help.

Chaperonze® Proteins assist this task of folding. Without Chaperonze® the proteins may be unable to find their correct form and the cells’ health is negatively impacted.

Cellular stress can damage proteins and turn them into ‘junk’ as well.

As we age, more ‘junk’ is accumulated in our cells, throughout our bodies. The more ‘junk’ that is accumulated in the cell, the less healthy the cell becomes and the more problems arise.

Chaperonze® Proteins take on the role of controllers and assist to maintain and help rejuvenate the cell. They identify the ‘junk’ and either repair or eliminate it.

Free radicals are the toxins of the cell and they also accumulate with age. Chaperonze® Proteins are natural, free radical scavengers inside the cell, and can therefore can help reduce oxidative stress, hunt down the free radicals and eliminate them.

Here is just one of the results achieved by Chaperonze®:

“I am 76 years old.  Prior to initiating a replacement bio-identical chaperone proteins course, I was experiencing typical age-related reductions in daily energy, mental sharpness, increased weight, and poor results with my type 2 diabetes control. As a Ph.D. chemist, former Harvard Medical School Faculty Member, and Medical Device Company CEO/Board Member, I was both embarrassed and challenged to find a viable path to improve my overall health and vitality. Immediately after my first one-month series of Chaperonze®, I experienced a very noticeable increase in my energy levels.  Within months my HbA1c level had dropped from 8.0 to 5.9, and my C-reactive proteins substantially reduced.  Additionally, I have lost more than 30 pounds during the last two years. I am living a much healthier, more active, and better life as a result of Chaperonze® .”

Bob, Ph.D, Kentucky, USA

Each pack of Chaperonze® contains a four-month course. The recommended application is once a week for four weeks, followed by a three-month break period. Due to the long-lasting effects of the Chaperonze® course, the three-month intervals will allow the cells time to repair, regenerate, and reorganize.

Application is easy!

Every week you use one red and one blue vial. Apply Chaperonze® on the morning of the same day each week.

Chaperonze® is applied topically onto the wrists, using the natural protein transfer oil provided.

Open both the blue (powder) vial and red (oil) vial. Please make sure the red vial is at room temperature. Each vial has a coloured plastic top covering a metal cap which in turn seals a rubber stopper into the top of the vial. The coloured plastic cap comes off easily. The metal cap is crimped into place and needs a knife, or similar, to lever the crimp loose so that the cap can be unsecured. The rubber stopper can then be removed easily.

Pour oil into the powder and mix thoroughly, using inversion. Please make sure to put the rubber stopper back into the vial before inverting. Repeat inversion after a minute or two to ensure all the powder is mixed.

Lightly pour a portion of the Chaperonze® mixture on one wrist and rub both wrists together, spreading the mixture across the skin. Rub it in for 30 seconds or so. As it dries, pour another portion onto your wrist and rub both wrists together to again spread the mixture across the skin. Repeat the process until the vial is empty.

Allow Chaperonze® to be absorbed through the skin for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the residue can be washed off with water.

Every week you use one red and one blue vial. Apply Chaperonze® on the morning of the same day each week. This is done for four consecutive weeks, followed by a three month rest period.

The best way to measure the results of Chaperonze®  is to have a blood test prior to starting the first course, measuring the markers covered below. Then have blood tests after each 4 month course. You want to see HSP70 levels decrease and IGF-1 levels increase.


HSP70 is our key biomarker for the Chaperone Protein Axis, (CPA).

As we get older our Axis starts slowing down inside the cell, which leads to protein accumulation and alteration in translation of mRNA to functional proteins. This, in turn, slows the cell’s metabolism and has a significant effect on our body’s ability to function and fight disease states.

The cells become slightly ‘porous’ and HSP70 ‘leaks’ out into our bloodstream. In short, as we age, our circulating HSP70 increases as our cells become impaired.

As long as there is no ongoing clinical disease, Chaperonze® helps create cell stabilisation. Chaperonze® helps increase HSP70 production inside the cell, stabilising the cell, repairing the cell, and leading to a decrease in circulating HSP70, (HSP70 in the bloodstream).


We use IGF-1 as a key biomarker of the Somatotropic (Growth Hormone) Axis. Through our scientists’ research, and clinical studies, we have found evidence, which leads us to firmly believe, that, overall, as your cellular health increases, so too will your key hormonal function.

We know that IGF-1 decreases with age and our research and studies have also led us to believe that this is due to an overall decrease in cellular function. The IGF-1 is somewhat inhibited from being translated in the cell and so decreases the physiologic function.

Testimonials from customers also show – overall improvement in skin, loss of weight, improved kidney function, better sleep, absence of coughs and colds, improvement of type 2 diabetes, increased energy, increased libido, increased mental acuity and much more.

The steps established to accomplish the commercial delivery of a working science to provide this treatment protocol are detailed below:

  1. Identify a source of Chaperone Protein (CP) and extract the protein. The key to the science is how to extract the CP from the Ovine Feto-Placental unit whilst making sure that the proteins are fully intact and biologically functional. It is made in New Zealand from naturally sourced Ovine Placenta, under NZ Government (MPI) supervision to ensure its quality and purity.
  2. Develop a safe and efficacious methodology to provide individuals with CP. Using the horse as a model species, Dr O’Casaigh has been able to establish bio-markers for the identification of efficacious application. The horse is well known for its sensitive immune system and therefore serves as a good safety model. There have been no known negative effects in any of the horse or human samples.
  3. Develop a method of monitoring, (blood testing). Dr O’Casaigh and his research team were able to combine three essential biomarkers together and establish the interaction between them. To achieve this, they established a high quality, multi-species laboratory, employing high calibre analysts. They used these markers to establish efficacious regimens and the development of research monitoring techniques.
  4. Make Chaperonze® commercially available to the world. Dr O’Casaigh and his team have developed a safe, efficacious product that can help favourably alter the Chaperone Protein Axis in individuals. In functional terms, Chaperonze® is able to help unclog patient’s cells, thus allowing them to function more efficiently. Customers literally experience a reversal of cellular aging. This is exclusive, groundbreaking science, and therefore it is not inexpensive. However, the original price has now been reduced as more customers have come on board and the production of the product has been efficiently optimised.

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