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Dr Padraig (Paddy) O’Casaigh BVSc, PhD, MRCVS.

Dr Padraig (Paddy) O’Casaigh BVSc, PhD, MRCVS.Dr Paddy O’Casaigh is a Massey, New Zealand Veterinary Graduate (BVSc, 1988) who then completed an Equine Surgical Internship at Hagyard, Davidson and McGee, Lexington, Kentucky (1989). Paddy then completed a 3-year residency in Equine Reproduction (minor in Equine Medicine), at UC Davis 1989-1992. 

During this time, he was bitten by the “research bug” and obtained a PhD in Comparative Pathology, 1992 (receiving the Graduate Scholar Award).

He was awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship by UC Davis (1992-1995) which enabled him to set up his own research programme at the School of Medicine, University of Auckland, New Zealand, with the world-renowned Prof. Sir Graham Liggins FRS, and established the Mont Liggins Trust some 26 years ago. This ongoing Research Trust has been responsible for funding 14 Graduate students and publishing over 30 International Publications, with 2 full Patents awarded. 

Paddy has applied Research Laboratories and Veterinary Practices in 3 countries and offices in Europe, Australasia, Asia and the USA.

Key Research Accomplishments Include:

  1. Described the Equine Acrosome reaction
  2. Defined the Role of Dead and Damaged cells on population cell viability
  3. Described Cellular Viability (using nuclear exclusion and mitochondrial function probes)
  4. Reported the role of Growth Hormone (GH) in Male Fertility
  5. Established the understanding of the GH Axis in the Horse
  6. Described the direct role of GH on cells
  7. Reported the role of GH on Hematopoiesis
  8. Determined that cryopreservation disrupts cellular nuclear architecture
  9. Saved the rarest animal on earth (NZ Native Kakapo bird)
  10. Outlined the Chaperone Protein Axis (CPA) and its interaction with Cellular Aging
  11. Outlined the CPA and its correlation with cell free DNA expression
  12. Described the CPA and its correlation with the GHAs
  13. Taught how to re-enter cells into mitosis
  14. Developed the first technology to grow new tendons in vitro for auto transplantation
  15. Developed clinical testicular biopsy in the horse
  16. Developed the first intracellular Chaperone Protein assay and coupled it with Chaperone Protein plasma probe
  17. Made real time equine mitochondrial function probe for somatic cells
  18. Altered probe to measure real time mitochondrial function using equine plasma
  19. Developed only Chaperone Protein product - Chaperonze®
  20. Showed that use of Chaperone Proteins can reverse key elements of kidney failure and reverse a population of apoptotic cells from eminent cellular death into filtering functionality
  21. Using Chaperonze® his group showed you can significantly reverse cellular protein sludging, thus improving cellular translational dynamics, leading to a natural upregulation of the growth hormone axis

Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, MD, PhD

Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, MD, PhD. Dr Kampon Sriwatanakul, MD, PhD, is an internationally recognized pioneer of Cell Therapy who received his MD degree and Ph.D degree from Mahidol University where he had an academic career for more than 35 years. He also received training in Clinical Pharmacology from University of Leicester, U.K. and University of Rochester, N.Y., USA. 

His present academic position is Advisor of Alternative Medicine, Mae Fah Luang University Hospital. He is a member of Thailand’s Medical Association, the Pharmacological and Therapeutic Society and the Toxicological Society. 

He was the Founder of the Thai Society of Cellular Therapy (TSCT) and is now its Executive Secretary. He is also member of the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT).

Dr Kampon has spearheaded a number of important research and development activities related to Stem Cell Technology in Thailand, including setting up of Cord Blood and Tooth cell banking. 

Dr.Kampon has received several awards for research and innovation from Pitish and American academic institutions and the National Innovation Agency of Thailand.

Dr Zahra Champion, MSc, MMgt, PhD

Dr Zahra Champion, MSc, MMgt, PhD.Dr Zahra Champion, MSc, MMgt, PhD, is the Executive Director of BioTechNZ (formally known as NZBIO), she holds a PhD from the University of Auckland in Medicine and Health Sciences. Zahra oversees the Chaperonze® production and manufacture at Pacific Bioscience Ltd, NZ. Zahra has significant experience in start-ups, commercial companies and in the Government sector, with a strong focus on research innovation, commercialisation, policy and planning. Zahra currently sits on a number of not-for-profit boards, and on a New Zealand owned Contract Research Organisation (CRO), Pharmaceutical Solutions.

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