Chaperonze® – How to Use


Chaperonze® is a revolutionary, naturally organic product from New Zealand that combats aging at a cellular level.

Chaperonze® scientists have developed a unique methodology for the safe and effective administration of Chaperone Proteins (CP). 

You use a specialized, organic Protein Transfer Oil that has the ability to easily carry Chaperone Proteins (CP) across the skin barrier and into the bloodstream.

You then admix freeze-dried, stable Chaperonze® Powder, extracted from New Zealand sourced Ovine placenta, with the oil.

The Chaperonze® mixture is applied to the wrist area. From there, the Chaperone Proteins find their way to damaged and injured cells that are in need of repair.

Once Chaperonze® enters those cells, it enacts repair, rejuvenation, and regeneration. This, in turn, reverses the effects of aging.

Chaperonze® Course.

Each pack contains a four-month course. The recommended application is once a week for four weeks, followed by a three-month break period. Due to the long-lasting effects of the Chaperonze® course, the three-month intervals will allow the cells time to repair, regenerate, and reorganize.

How to Apply Chaperonze®.

Open pack with two vials alongside Red vial (oil), Blue vial (powder).

One pack of Chaperonze® contains 8 vials in total – 4 blue and 4 red.

The blue vial contains the powder and the red vial contains the oil. Every week you use one red and one blue vial. Apply Chaperonze® on the morning of the same day each week. This is done for four consecutive weeks, followed by a three month rest period.

Application instructions are as follows:

  • Chaperonze® is to be applied topically using the natural protein transfer oil provided.
  • Open both the blue (powder) vial and red (oil) vial. Please make sure the red vial is at room temperature. Each vial has a coloured plastic top covering a metal cap which in turn seals a rubber stopper into the top of the vial. The coloured plastic cap comes off easily. The metal cap is crimped into place and needs a knife, or similar, to lever the crimp loose so that the cap can be unsecured. The rubber stopper can then be removed easily.
  • Pour oil into the powder and mix thoroughly, using inversion. Please make sure to put the rubber stopper back into the vial before inverting. Repeat inversion after a minute or two to ensure all the powder is mixed.
  • Lightly pour a portion of the Chaperonze® mixture on one wrist and rub both wrists together, spreading the mixture across the skin. Rub it in for 30 seconds or so. As it dries, pour another portion onto your wrist and rub both wrists together to again spread the mixture across the skin. Repeat the process until the vial is empty.
  • Allow Chaperonze® to be absorbed through the skin for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, the residue can be washed off with water.


Product Distribution & Manufacture Information.

Chaperonze® is an all-natural, organic product from New Zealand. The product is sold internationally by Cellhealth Proteins Limited, New Zealand. Chaperonze® is made under license by Pacific Bioscience Ltd, Kumeu, New Zealand, and contains chaperone proteins that have been extracted from New Zealand sourced ovine placental tissue, and in accordance with USDA, EU and HALAL rules.

As a natural Cosmetic (Cosmeceutical), Chaperonze® is in compliance with the US FDA, as outlined in the ‘Blue Book’. As with any cosmeceutical product, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare provider or dermatologist before using Chaperonze®, especially if you have any underlining medical conditions or allergies.

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